How does the thinkmoney Personal Account work?


This video takes a quick look at how the thinkmoney Personal Account works.


A busy life means juggling your finances can be a struggle. If you are looking to get in control, the thinkmoney Personal Account is designed to make your money easier to manage.

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, the account is split in two – the “salaries account” and the “card account”.

Your incomes; wages, benefits, pensions and one-off credits get paid into your salaries account.

From this, we hold back enough money for your bills, like your rent or mortgage, council tax, TV Licence, gas, water and any other Direct Debits or standing orders you have.

We then transfer the remaining money to your card account for you to spend.

You’ll get a free text from us when money goes into your account, letting you know how much went in what we’ve held back for bills and how much has gone to your card.

You’ll get a thinkmoney prepaid Debit MasterCard® to use in shops, online, for cashback and to withdraw money from any cashpoints displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Accessing your account is stress-free too, with our 24 hour Online Account Management.

We have a team of Money Managers on hand to provide personal advice and help with day-to-day budgeting and planning ahead.

You’ll always know where you are with your money and can say goodbye to unexpected charges all for one clear monthly management fee.

Read the thinkmoney Personal Account review, compare it to other bad credit bank accounts, or find out more and apply by clicking the button below:


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