5 Bad Credit Bank Account Providers in the UK


On BadCreditBankAccounts.org.uk we have listed 5 companies that provide bad credit bank accounts in the UK.

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Many people in the UK have a bad credit rating and are turned down for traditional high street bank accounts.

Fortunately there are a range of different bank account providers that specialise in the helping people with bad credit.

Read on for 5 of the main bad credit bank account providers in the UK.


thinkmoneythinkmoney provide an alternative to standard bank accounts, with their thinkmoney Personal Account.

This bad credit bank account service comes with your personal money advisor and budgeting service.

You can never go overdrawn, and all your bills are automatically paid for you each month.

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eccount money

eccount moneyeccount money is a guaranteed acceptance bank account provider in the UK, that specialises in bank accounts for people with bad credit.

The account comes with a Visa card.

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Secure Trust Bank

Secure Trust BankSecure Trust Bank provide bank accounts for people that are usually turned down for traditional bank accounts.

The Secure Trust Bank account comes with a MasterCard® Prepaid Card.

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cardonebanking Current Account

cardonebankingThe cardonebanking current account is a no-credit check alternative to a traditional bank account.

The account comes with an account management service, and after bills have been paid, the rest of your money can be spent using a Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card.

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FfreesFfrees is a free alternative banking service, with no credit checks and guaranteed acceptance.

There are a range of different payment levels, and if you pay a bit more per month you can change the different costs of the service.

The Ffrees service comes with a Visa Debit Card.

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Important: Always check details before applying to any service. This article should not be considered financial advice.


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